A closer look at Vice President Joe Biden’s 5- point plan for the 2020 Election

It is evident that the 2020 election is different, the stakes are high, and the polls agree that Vice President Joe Biden is the strongest contender in the Democratic Party, in this race for the White House. So most likely he will become the Presumptive Nominee for President of the United States for the Democratic Party come June 2020. For eight years, Vice President Biden and President Obama served on one administration and they saved the economy which was in a depression inherited from the Bush Administration, passed the historic Affordable health care act (Obama-care) that protected over a hundred million people with pre-existing conditions, though Trump has repealed it, ousted Osama Bin Laden, world’s most wanted man at the time (from the 9-11 attack).

Joe Biden has a 5 -point plan, let’s take a summarised look at it and see if he can actually beat the incumbent Businessman and Real Estate Developer, Business magnate.

1. Build on Obama care, not scrap it, (Trump has repealed the affordable health care Act and has more votes in Congress ( House and the Senate) to keep it away).
2. Recover investment in schools (The Trump administration is handling this indirectly through the Education Policy).
3. Lead the World on Climate Change for a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice (President Trump believes climate change is a hoax, perpetuated by China, and actually blocked Climate Finance. He believes the country, and the world have bigger issues to tackle than Climate Change and Global warming, like bringing back jobs to the country, the southern border wall on immigration, trade, healthcare).
4. Rebuild alliances (The real estate developer, billionaire businessman is doing it already, the US has better relationships with China, (President Xi), Russia ,(President Putin), North Korea (Chairman Kim), South Korea (President Moon), Japan (Prime Minister Abe), France (President Macron), Germany (Chancellor Angella), Finland (President Sauli), Singapore (President Yacob), the United Kingdom (Prime Minister Boris). Not doing bad at Foreign Policy
5. Restore the soul of the Nation ( What is this supposed to mean? Has the nation lost its soul?, Watch the space).

Meanwhile, in brief, the President has delivered on his promises made and wants to finish what he started on 20th January 2017 after taking the Oath of office. The Administration has delivered on the Economy and Jobs, Foreign Policy, Immigration (the wall, one of the biggest campaign promises in 2016), National Security and Defense, Regulation, Land and Agriculture, Law and Justice, Energy and Environment, Health care, Government Accountability, Infrastructure and Technology, Education, Social Programs, Law and Order, Veterans and Trade.


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