The 2020 Republican National Convention and the 2020 Democratic National Convention for President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden in North Carolina and Wisconsin

The 2020 Democratic National Convention (DNC) will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Vice President Joe Biden who is the Presumptive nominee for President of the United States will officially be nominated for office. The Vice Presidential Nominee is To Be Determined. Unlike President Obama who is an orator, and cheerleader that is good at convincing and selling his ideas and rallying masses behind him, Joe Biden is actually a hands-on person, but he is not able to convince the voters towards his campaign. Let’s see what happens in November.
Due to the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic, the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention, televised events which happen in June of an election year, have been moved to mid-August, as the country prepares to vote for the next President of the United States on Tuesday, 3rd November 2020. While the Republicans have maintained incumbent President Donald John Trump as their candidate, the Democrats have fronted Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden for President of the United States, the highest elected office in the land, and anywhere in the world.

A critical look at the US President Donald Trump’s impeachment: The case for Uganda

I spent the better part of the night watching proceedings of the United States House of Representatives, as they debated and voted to impeach President Donald Trump. I kept asking myself one question- what if this was Uganda? Because indeed, just like the US Constitution, Article 107 of our Constitution also provides for the removal of a President by Parliament on account of abuse of office, misconduct, or incapacity to perform the functions of President.

For starters, the Representative (read MP) who took the lead in the impeachment process (Rep. Adam Schiff) would have long been kidnapped and kept somewhere in a safe house.


Then, the office where the articles of impeachment were being prepared from would have been broken into and the documents and computers ‘stolen’. Enanga would issue a statement accusing unknown people for carrying out the raid. He would promise investigations which would never see light of day.

Of course the private residences of the Representatives taking lead would be attacked in the night. Grenades and other explosives would be hurled at their houses to send a very clear message.

The President would make an address- probably dressed in military fatigues. He would send a strong warning to the MPs not to joke with the blood of those who died in the Luwero triangle. He would say something like- “No one will be allowed to jeopardise the gains of our revolution.” He would remind the nation that these MPs are not elected to handle issues related to the destiny of the country. He would tell them to go and deal with village issues.

At the height of it all, the MPs would be summoned in state house and each given hundreds of millions of shillings to frustrate the move to remove the President.

The Representatives who refuse to get the money and insist of leading the charge would be accused of one offence or another. The DPP would sanction charges of corruption, or rape or terrorism against them. Some who have never held a gun would be shocked for CID officers to visit their houses and discover machine guns under their pillows or in their ceilings.

Ofwono Opondo would come out and accuse the specific MPs of being under the influence of foreigners. He would appear with some documents on Television and assure the public that the Representatives have been paid in dollars to bring the impeachment proceedings. He would rally the population to be patriotic and support the President against foreign interference in the internal workings of the country.

Andrew Mwenda on his part would come out to explain how much impeachment proceedings would take our booming economy many years back. He would say that tourists will not come to Uganda. He would throw around statistics to show that this is a process that is very dangerous to the nation.

If the MPs fail to get the message, a judge or group of judges would sit in Kampala, even if it means 8:00pm in the night. They would declare the proceedings of Parliament illegal for one reason or another.

Groups of young men and women, evidently from some villages would appear in Kampala holding placards, under the guard of police, declaring undying love for the President and hurling curses against the MPs who think that a man who fought hard to liberate us would go by mere votes in parliament. They would ask the MPs to go to the bush if they want to remove the President. As expected, if any group of Ugandans decided to protest in solidarity with the pro-impeachment MPs, they would be rounded up, arrested, tortured or even killed.

If by miracle the motion came to the House, the House would be surrounded by the military. Police and military trucks would be stationed on all roads leading to the House. On the day of the debate, Military choppers would be seen hovering over the House- once again to send a clear message. And the troublesome Representatives would be plucked out of the chambers- one by one.

I am not saying that the American process is perfect. I am only saying that Uganda should be true to what has been written in its Constitution. There is everything to gain through adhering to the rule of law.

Why Secretary Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election: She had no plan

Why Secretary Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election: She had no plan


Secretary Clinton lost the historical controversial 2016 presidential election to the Donald simply because she had no plan. Trump would tell the voters he’s gonna build a wall, and the voters would see a giant steel wall across the southern border with Mexico in their minds. Whereas Clinton would campaign for open borders, free entry and exit, no plan !!. Trump would promise massive tax cuts, but Hillary would say the rich must pay their fair share.No Plan!  Donald would promise Illegal immigration cuts and documentation of immigrants, but Clinton would talk of the land of opportunity for all.

As the Donald fronted trade, jobs, the economy, Clinton fronted global warming, clean energy, which are important by the way. As Donald sang “Make America Great Again”, Hillary sang  “Stronger Together”. As Donald preached America first, Clinton preached open trade.   As Trump was excited about returning jobs to America, Hillary was excited about being the “first female President of the United States”. PLAN! PLAN!



Promises Kept: President Trump’s commitment on delivering on the 2016 promises made ahead of the 2020 election

Without any doubt, he has made the Country Great Again in just two and a half years, and he is now seeking a re-election in the 2020 race for the White House to finish what he started (Keep the Country Great). The Central question in this race is will the 2020 Presumptive Democratic Nominee for President of the United States (most likely Joe Biden) convince the citizens enough to vote against the Billionaire Businessman and real estate developer, business magnate and assume office in January 2021?

Here are the facts, Let’s review the record, and see if this President has delivered on the Promises he made in 2016.

1. The Economy and Jobs.
President Trump jump-started the country’s economy into record growth, which created jobs and increased take-home pay for working citizens. Big win for the country.

2. Immigration
President Trump protected the country’s homeland by enforcing immigration laws so that every citizen can feel safe in their community. The President has started building the Great Wall on the Southern Border with Mexico, inexpensively.

3. Foreign Policy
By promoting fair and reciprocal trade, President Trump put the nation first. This includes exiting the TPP, renegotiating NAFTA (the single worst deal ever negotiated by President Bill Clinton (Husband to Secretary Hillary Clinton), and securing major new bilateral deals with major trading partners.

4.National Security and Defense
President Trump rebuilt the military, crushed ISIS big league, and confronted rogue nations to protect the country and the allies.

President Trump removed red tape and ended unnecessary regulations that stifle economic growth and prosperity.

6.Land and Agriculture
President Trump created a task force on agriculture and rural prosperity that included actions to improve the lives of rural citizens.

7. Law and Justice
President Trump partnered with local communities and worked with local law enforcement to protect the country’s communities.

8. Energy and Environment
President Trump reversed years of policies that locked up the country’s energy and restricted the country’s ability to sell to other countries.

9. Government Accountability
One of President Trump’s biggest campaign promises was to make a government for the people. Through his first year in office, the President worked to drain the swamp and created more transparency.

10. Health care
President Trump repealed and replaced the Obamacare mandate, expanded plan choices and increased competition to bring down costs for consumers.

11. Infrastructure and Technology
President Trump built stronger rural communities by ensuring that the citizens have access to the quality infrastructure they deserve.

12. Social Programs
President Trump and his Administration protected life by fighting back against illegal drug shipments, opioid abuse, and abortion service providers.

13. Education
President Trump and his administration supported the expansion of school choice across the country so every parent has a voice in their child’s education.

14. Veterans
The President made sure the government fulfilled its commitment to the country’s veterans by reforming the V.A, and providing education and health benefits.

That’s it for now, it is clear that the billionaire businessman and real estate developer has delivered on his promises made. Will Joe Biden convince the citizens enough to assume the highest office in the land?

WHO STOLE MY DREAM – Strategies to dream again

Are your dreams shattered, Would you like to dream again? Growing up we all had several fancy dreams that have most of the time been shattered. I recommend you to read Dr Gabriel Tumwine’s “WHO STOLE MY DREAM” to get strategies on how you can dream again!

In the WHO STOLE MY DREAM book, Dr. Gabriel Tumwine provides a practical insight on how you can put together your life dreams and plans which will not only make you dream again, but prosperous in your endeavors. Built upon Tumwine’s own personal experience and observations, he shares the life story of his life with his friends to help you control your own life’s destiny.

Who stole my dream emphasizes on the best practices of evaluating your self and responding positively to build on your inner potential and for those around you as you strive to achieve.

NOTE: Three things you must do before you leave earth to leave a legacy,

  1. Write a book
  2. Plant trees
  3. Have a son.

and Dr. Tumwine has done all these.

About the Author.

Dr. Gabriel Tumwine is a happily married man who was born in the small village of Ibaralibi in Malindi district, mid-west Uganda.
He went to the Seminary and later joined Makerere University. In the course of his life at school he met great men and women who helped him dream again and work on his personal dreams.

Gabriel Tumwine is an educator, mentor, patron and businessman. He is the founder of the Campus bridge Internal LTD company and a CEO, chair of the Gabriel and Winnie Tumwine Foundation, a family charity organization. The organisation is an inspirational building and mentoring company, and the Foundation focuses on bringing out the best in people to attain their dreams.

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A closer look at Vice President Joe Biden’s 5- point plan for the 2020 Election

It is evident that the 2020 election is different, the stakes are high, and the polls agree that Vice President Joe Biden is the strongest contender in the Democratic Party, in this race for the White House. So most likely he will become the Presumptive Nominee for President of the United States for the Democratic Party come June 2020. For eight years, Vice President Biden and President Obama served on one administration and they saved the economy which was in a depression inherited from the Bush Administration, passed the historic Affordable health care act (Obama-care) that protected over a hundred million people with pre-existing conditions, though Trump has repealed it, ousted Osama Bin Laden, world’s most wanted man at the time (from the 9-11 attack).

Joe Biden has a 5 -point plan, let’s take a summarised look at it and see if he can actually beat the incumbent Businessman and Real Estate Developer, Business magnate.

1. Build on Obama care, not scrap it, (Trump has repealed the affordable health care Act and has more votes in Congress ( House and the Senate) to keep it away).
2. Recover investment in schools (The Trump administration is handling this indirectly through the Education Policy).
3. Lead the World on Climate Change for a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice (President Trump believes climate change is a hoax, perpetuated by China, and actually blocked Climate Finance. He believes the country, and the world have bigger issues to tackle than Climate Change and Global warming, like bringing back jobs to the country, the southern border wall on immigration, trade, healthcare).
4. Rebuild alliances (The real estate developer, billionaire businessman is doing it already, the US has better relationships with China, (President Xi), Russia ,(President Putin), North Korea (Chairman Kim), South Korea (President Moon), Japan (Prime Minister Abe), France (President Macron), Germany (Chancellor Angella), Finland (President Sauli), Singapore (President Yacob), the United Kingdom (Prime Minister Boris). Not doing bad at Foreign Policy
5. Restore the soul of the Nation ( What is this supposed to mean? Has the nation lost its soul?, Watch the space).

Meanwhile, in brief, the President has delivered on his promises made and wants to finish what he started on 20th January 2017 after taking the Oath of office. The Administration has delivered on the Economy and Jobs, Foreign Policy, Immigration (the wall, one of the biggest campaign promises in 2016), National Security and Defense, Regulation, Land and Agriculture, Law and Justice, Energy and Environment, Health care, Government Accountability, Infrastructure and Technology, Education, Social Programs, Law and Order, Veterans and Trade.


The Democratic Party Nomination Season (Debates + caucuses).

The Democratic Party Nomination Season (Debates + caucuses).

It’s here again, its election season in the United States, every four years candidates running for President of the United States move all across the country pitching their point plans in the 50 states. This time around, The Democratic field is congested with over 20 candidates ( 1 nominee is required by June 2020 ahead of the Democratic National Convention and subsequently the general election on Tuesday 3rd, November 2020), including Vice President Joe Biden, unlike the Republican field which is monopolized by President Donald John Trump who is seeking re-election for his second term ( most likely will win).

Here is the most up-to-date and complete schedule of the Democratic Primary debates taking place in 2019 and 2020. These debates are between all the major Democratic candidates running for President in 2020. The Democratic debate list below will include all details such as start times, moderators, candidates, live stream links, and links to the full debate videos.

Follow the link below

2020 Democratic Debate Schedule (Primary Debates)

Will President Donald Trump get re elected in 2020 for a second term?

Will President Donald Trump get re elected in 2020 for a second term?

Very few, including himself thought that Donald Trump would win the 2016 fight for the White House to hold the Office of the President of the United States, the highest office in the land defeating the experienced opponent Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton in a landslide. The central question in 2020 is will Trump win reelection for his second and last term as President of the United States to finish what he started, including the wall, immigration, regulation, trade, partnerships, foreign policy, etc with his America first agenda.

The Democratic field for 2020 is overcrowded with over 20 candidates all of whom are seeking the nomination for the Democratic Party at the DNC in June 2020 and subsequently the general election on November 3rd, 2020. All the Democratic contenders don’t seem to have the ability to defeat the incumbent candidate and President Trump, who has already mobilised the Republican Party / Great Old Party (G.O.P) and partnered it with his Donald J Trump for President Inc campaign with large donors already fundraising for the re-election bid, most of whom are Wall Street investors, and elite, middle class citizens, except for Vice President Joe Biden who is popular and leading the Democratic polls most likely because he was on the same ticket with President Barack Obama for eight years, so he claims he handed over a smooth country to the incumbent, just like the father handed over the real estate business to him.

With the unemployment rate being at it’s lowest, jobs going back to America, the economy being rebuilt, a good relationship with Korea, and world leaders, the incumbent has enough campaign promises from 2016 to keep him as PoTUS for the next 6 years. He claims to have MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN in two and a half years. Now he promises to KEEP AMERICA GREAT, and keep making America Great. Meanwhile every two years the Televised Debates for the Party primaries air, and have already started airing. Let’s see what happens.

President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump