Lutaaya Shafiq Holmes

Welcome to my online home

Digital Transformation Consultant / Expert: I am a Master of Science in Information Systems graduate, and a graduate of Computer Science and the elected Chair of the TNS Group, Makerere University. I am a software developer at National Water and Sewerage Corporation. My research focuses on Information Systems and Computer Science-driven solutions to the prevailing world challenges. I am also passionate about contributing to quality Computer Science and Information systems education that is of sufficient breadth and depth, practical and fast enough. Currently, I am involved in several innovative and research initiatives that aim to create and apply computational methods and tools that can improve the quality of life, especially in the developing world setting.

Research Interests:

Industrial Systems EngineeeringHuman- Computer InteractionSoftware Systems EngineeringHuman Factors and ErgonomicsResearch methodologyKnowledge Service EngineeringArtificial Intelligence and Machine LearningInformation Management Systems

Speech Analysis System for Call Centers 

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