The Democratic Party Nomination Season (Debates + caucuses).

The Democratic Party Nomination Season (Debates + caucuses).

It’s here again, its election season in the United States, every four years candidates running for President of the United States move all across the country pitching their point plans in the 50 states. This time around, The Democratic field is congested with over 20 candidates ( 1 nominee is required by June 2020 ahead of the Democratic National Convention and subsequently the general election on Tuesday 3rd, November 2020), including Vice President Joe Biden, unlike the Republican field which is monopolized by President Donald John Trump who is seeking re-election for his second term ( most likely will win).

Here is the most up-to-date and complete schedule of the Democratic Primary debates taking place in 2019 and 2020. These debates are between all the major Democratic candidates running for President in 2020. The Democratic debate list below will include all details such as start times, moderators, candidates, live stream links, and links to the full debate videos.

Follow the link below

2020 Democratic Debate Schedule (Primary Debates)

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