WHO STOLE MY DREAM – Strategies to dream again

Are your dreams shattered, Would you like to dream again? Growing up we all had several fancy dreams that have most of the time been shattered. I recommend you to read Dr Gabriel Tumwine’s “WHO STOLE MY DREAM” to get strategies on how you can dream again!

In the WHO STOLE MY DREAM book, Dr. Gabriel Tumwine provides a practical insight on how you can put together your life dreams and plans which will not only make you dream again, but prosperous in your endeavors. Built upon Tumwine’s own personal experience and observations, he shares the life story of his life with his friends to help you control your own life’s destiny.

Who stole my dream emphasizes on the best practices of evaluating your self and responding positively to build on your inner potential and for those around you as you strive to achieve.

NOTE: Three things you must do before you leave earth to leave a legacy,

  1. Write a book
  2. Plant trees
  3. Have a son.

and Dr. Tumwine has done all these.

About the Author.

Dr. Gabriel Tumwine is a happily married man who was born in the small village of Ibaralibi in Malindi district, mid-west Uganda.
He went to the Seminary and later joined Makerere University. In the course of his life at school he met great men and women who helped him dream again and work on his personal dreams.

Gabriel Tumwine is an educator, mentor, patron and businessman. He is the founder of the Campus bridge Internal LTD company and a CEO, chair of the Gabriel and Winnie Tumwine Foundation, a family charity organization. The organisation is an inspirational building and mentoring company, and the Foundation focuses on bringing out the best in people to attain their dreams.

Find it at any major bookstore in Kampala including Aristoc or call Gabriel on 0782194819 or drop him an email at tumwinegabriel@gmail.com

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